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Professional payroll services

For efficient maintenance of your business account books and payroll, give the financial experts at Darboe Jula & Co Ltd a call.


Payroll is complicated and time consuming with the need to be completed on time. As an employer you are responsible for delivering payroll in a timely manner and ensuring it is completely accurate. Outsourcing your payroll to us, so that you may concentrate on key strategic matters to grow your business, provides a much less strenuous option. Our payroll staffers are well experienced in handling payroll tasks and queries. We will run your payroll on time and, if necessary, provide a tailor made payroll service for your business needs.

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  • Salary processing
  • Generating payslips
  • Filing VAT returns
  • Advising on staff incentives and bonuses
  • Managing taxation and deductions
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We specialise in managing payroll for small to medium sized businesses. With a team of skilled accountants, our payroll management services are second to none. From taking care of your employee insurance and other benefits to managing a smooth payment system, we have years of experience to handle various aspects of your business management. Give us a call to book an appointment.

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